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Hey, I got a day job and a life, and we've just transferred The NFP Files Web site from Geocities (yecch) to here. So, some of our pages have gotten lost. Gimme a break. You could help by dropping us a line at the contact page.

Don't like that explanation? OK, then, maybe
one of the following has transpired:
  • Aliens have kidnapped the page you wanted.
  • The Catholic Church has conspired to withhold the truth
  • The CIA has fed it to George Bush's dog
  • You mistyped the URL
  • The webmaster gooffed

Please try the following:

  • Click the refresh.gif (82 bytes)Refresh button. Click it repeatedly, hitting the button harder each time. Computers understand that. Better yet, begin drinking Duvel. After your third Duvel, SOMETHING will appear. As Homer Simpson once said, no function beer well without.
  • If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly. If you are an AOL user, make sure you did not accidentally type your street address in the bar.
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    If you would like Windows to try and discover them,
    click Detect Settings Detect Network Settings . This will do absolutely nothing and will resolve no problems whatsoever. 
  • Whatever you do, don't try a different browser. That would make Bill Gates mad. 
  • Some sites require 128-bit stupidity. In the case of Something Awful, a patch will be shortly available which makes 256-bit stupidity possible.
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  • Call Jim Van Damme at 315-339-2143 and ask him where the heck the page went to.

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