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Option 0: Trying to wing it by rumor, hearsay or guess

Some people think they can figure out their cycles using apps on their phone, or picking up bits of information from friends or magazine articles. There are about 3 apps that actually work for accurately predicting your fertile time; and dozens that don't because they rely on Calendar Rhythm or some variant. It takes just a few hours to learn how your body works, and some time (at a couple minutes a day) practicing your observations. There's no quick way to get around it.

Option 1: Read a book

Plenty of people have learned NFP just from reading books like The Billings Method; The Art of NFP; Take Charge of Your Fertility; No-Pill, No Risk Birth Control.  Book reports are on our Resources page, along with some lesser books (in our opinion), and places to get them.  The basics of observing symptoms, charting, and interpreting charts can be learned in a few hours, depending on how quickly you "get it". Learning about all the special situations like childbirth, lactation, premenopause, recovering from hormonal contraception, and treating irregularity can come as you need it. 

The bad part about learning from a book is that if you can't find your situation covered in the book, or don't understand it, you have nobody to ask.


Option 2: Classes

Most couples prefer to come to a class instead of relying on a book. You'll have to read a book besides, but in a class you can get all their questions answered, and you get support from a teaching community. Of course you have to be near an NFP teacher. Our Resources page has links to teacher directories. Try them first, and if you have trouble write us and we'll see what we can do. Best option if there's no class nearby: the CCL Virtual Class. Read more about it on our "News" page. Looks like you already have a computer, so you just need to see if your speakers work.Other methods have web-based classes too. 

Classes vary widely among NFP providers. There's different NFP methods, length of classes, cost, topics covered, and moral background. So, check out everybody who is close to you. Note that teachers can be certified by their organizations, or a church diocese, or nobody.

The Billings (Ovulation) method has taught millions of people worldwide, mainly in the Third World. Creighton teaches a variant of the Ovulation method with a particular emphasis on treating medical problems in a natural yet scientific way. Creighton teaches clients individually over 7 sessions costing about $240, and use powerpoint slides to get the message across.

CCL Classes are usually 3 evenings, 2 hours or so per evening, once a month for 3 months (6 hours total). The class fee is $140,* which includes all the books and materials you need. Go to our News page to read about our local classes in Central New York, which are like all CCL classes, except for Jim's jokes. They're not as crowded as this picture, so you get individual attention. If you're interested, there are followup seminars on topics like natural mothering and menopause.

If a class isn't handy, CCL has a Home Study Course ($160*) with the same content, and you can go at your own speed.  You can come to any class session anywhere, and confer with Teaching Couples or CCL Central in Cincinnati for help and advice. 


You can also learn simple, no-brainer, less-effective methods like the Standard Days Method from their website

Also, NFP International has a How-To manual on-line that will give you Sympto-Thermal basics. 

 * Prices subject to change, naturally. 

This stuff hasn't evolved since March 13, 2014

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