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If you're looking for an NFP teacher:

Despite the grandiose appearance of our website, we are but a mere local chapter of the Couple to Couple League, which has around 1000 teachers worldwide, mostly in the USA. If you have questions about NFP or want to learn, it's best to contact the teacher closest to you, instead of us. Our Resources page has national NFP organizations. The CCL Website  has a Teaching Couple Directory, where you can search by area code, state, or country. 

If you're looking for us here at the Oneida County Chapter of CCL:

Note that if you hit the e-mail link you have to change our e-mail addresses to read "" because otherwise the spammers collect them. Hope you understand.

Teaching Couple: Jim & Mary Margaret Van Damme, 315-339-2143,  vandamme at juno dot com   or  Jim at work  You can also FAX us at 603-307-5989. 
Promoters: Dave & Carol Armitage, 315-896-3959,  RzaExel at
In Lewis County (Boonville to Watertown), the Teaching Couple is Joe & Vicky Kraeger, 315-942-4682.

Larry & Renee O'Connell, 339-4786, are also CCL teachers in Rome but aren't actively teaching. You can still call them for counseling. larryandrenee at

Between Bill Gates and Juno, some of our mail manages to get chewed up into random bytes, so if you don't get a response within a day or 2 from the Van Dammes, try writing  Jim @ work  then write the Armitages. We can't ALL be on vacation. Also, we've had some people who have wrong return addresses, close their accounts or use somebody else's, or have ultra-strong spam filters or firewalls that reject our replies. So, check your addresses and try again, we reply to all your messages. Sooner or later.

CCL International office

You can write CCL's main office at:
Couple to Couple League
P.O. Box 111184
Cincinnati OH 45211-1184

Call them at (513) 471-2000
or, for orders ONLY, (800) 745-8252  (check their on-line catalog first)

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Last Updated 12 April 2007