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Last updated on February 8, 2013

Now that you've seen our NFP Primer, the articles on our Info page, and maybe our Practical Theology page for more reasons to practice NFP, here's the folks who will teach it to you and the materials you need to learn it (more specific advice on our "learning it" page.

The quality varies, and listing here does not mean endorsement. The parts in this color are somebody's opinion (mostly ours). If you need help or want a more frank opinion, or have an addition, correction or "book report", hit the Contact button up at the top. Listings are usually alphabetical within the three categories above.

We (the Central NY CCL Chapter) will NOT sell you any of this stuff; please contact the vendors directly. You can order books from stores or on-line by their ISBN number.  A lot of these links get moved frequently, so go to their home page and search around on their site.

Books, media, and gadgets  

The hearts point out those products which are particularly useful, in our opinion; the male-female symbols are just cute separators

 "The Billings Method" by Dr. Evelyn Billings
 The Billingses got in on the ground floor of NFP in 1953 with the Ovulation Method, which is the most widely practiced form of systematic NFP in the world today, especially in the Third World.  You can also learn via on-line correspondence course, but you really need a book handy. There's no moral or theological "stuff" in the book, which is either a crucial failing or a welcome relief, depending on your point of view.

You can watch a video tutorial on the OM, and download blank charts, at  The GIFT Foundation.

The Art of Breastfeeding by the Couple to Couple League $16.  Why it's best, how to do it, avoiding problems, weaning, and what happens when your fertility returns.  Yes, breastfeeding can give you months of infertility after childbirth, if you follow the guidelines. And you can go right into practicing NFP, when your periods return. How long? See our NFP Primer and Breastfeeding page for basic Lactation Amenorrhea info and real-life experiences.

" The Art of Natural Family Planning-Student Guide", Second Edition, by the Couple to Couple League,
2011, US $35.  Check the CCL Web site under "Store - NFP Materials". 

This is the new (2011) edition of the encyclopedia of Sympto-Thermal NFP. It's been completely  rewritten, with new, easier to use rules. Slimmed down, colorized, and simplified. Covers most everything from the basics to helps for infertility and PMS, except for the really dysfunctional cases (see FC&N below), including the moral, spiritual and social dimension.  This is the manual used in CCL classes, but you can learn NFP just with this book or in conjunction with the Home Study Course which includes everything you need  to practice NFP. 

The Bible and Birth Control by Charles D. Provan
published by Zimmer Printing, 410 West Main Street, Monongahela, PA 15063. Available from CCL .   Why the Protestants were against contraception, and passed laws against it. Luther, Calvin, Wesley, and dozens more quoted here.  See our Theology Page for a similar short article under "The Christian Tradition". 

Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing  

" Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing " 4th edition (1999) by Sheila Matgen Kippley, 212 pages (CCL) ISBN 0-926412-20-5

Sheila got a La Leche League award for this book, which covered the topic most thoroughly. Out of print, and CCL has replaced it with "The Art Of Breastfeeding", above. Less than 7 bucks from Amazon. Also available: the 1973 "classic" edition, for $15, and 2008's "Breastfeeding and Catholic Motherhood" for $9.

Catholic Sexual Ethics:  A Summmary, Explanation and Defense . Updated by Rev. Ronald Lawler O.F.M. Cap., Joseph Boyle Jr., & William E. May.    Our Sunday Visitor , 2nd edition, 1998.    " is coherent and extremely thoughful and only costs $9.95."  ----Jean Gaes
 "By the way the Catholic ethics book is really great....was very impressed with the explanation of the teachings" --Online NFP student

CCL Home Study Course , $160 plus shipping.
Yes, you can learn it at home, easily. The content is the same as the CCL classes, and you can go at your own pace and convenient time & place, but you have to mail in your questions and charts. You can also go to any local class sessions for free, and write/FAX/e-mail/phone any Teaching Couple (or CCL) with questions. This is a good option even if classes are nearby, but at a bad time. It includes all you need to learn & practice NFP: charts, electronic basal thermometer, book, and other goodies; plus a year's membership in CCL and their magazine.

CCL Virtual Class , $150 plus shipping.
If you want a face-to-face class where you can ask questions and get feedback, but you're not close to a teaching couple, this is the way to go. Same 3 class format, but you need a computer and fast internet. See our News page for more info. You sign up by going the the CCL course registration page, putting in your zip code, and you'll see the local classes (if any). Down at the bottom is a "virtual class" button.

Clear Blue Easy $200 & up (plus replacement indicator strips, about $18/month). Available in many local drug stores. A pee-on-a-stick hormone tester for identifying fertile times,  In the USA, it's not approved for avoiding pregnancy (probably because it doesn't work so well by itself),  but a similar unit in Europe is sold for that purpose. It doesn't confirm ovulation, and false readings could be a problem, but it's easy to use.

Recent medical work has shown that this and other hormone testers (like Persona) can be of use in helping NFP users identify the fertile time. Some Clinical data from Dr. Michael Zinaman (Loyola University - Chicago) on the Clearplan Easy Fertility Monitor:
1. It provides a 99% accurate detection of the LH surge
2. It will give the majority of women 1-5 days warning of their Peak Fertility through monitoring of E3G
3. It will typically detect 6 days of High and Peak Fertility
4. From  cycle 2 onwards, 80% of users only needed to do 10 tests per cycle

Extensive work with the ClearBlue in conjunction with the usual mucus and BBT charting has been done at Marquette University, and forms the basis of the Marquette Method of NFP.  If you want to learn more about the use of the ClearBlue monitor with NFP go to

CyclePRO is CCL's first Sympto-Thermal charting tool. $40. Works  on Windows, Mac, and on Linux using Wine.

 It's not meant to replace learning the method from a book or class, but it does the record-keeping for you and applies the rules.
Superseded by CycleProGo, below.

CycleProGo ($40 a year, $5 a month) is CCL's new cloud-based app for charting. 
You need to first learn the method so you can properly observe your fertility symptoms; then it does the record-keeping for you and applies the rules. You can also e-mail charts to teachers or CCL Central for review and advice. This is not like other apps which are calendar based and only try to predict ovulation for conception.

Cyclewatch   is a charting app which got 4 stars from ZDnet and uses BBT for ovulation prediction. It is sold for avoiding pregnancy also, but no guarantees or claims of accuracy are made. From Wimoweh Software. $40.  For Windows. 

Der persönliche Zyklus der Frau  ("A woman's personal cycle")  in German
Von der Vorpubertät bis in die Wechseljahre. Josef Rötzer, MD.
Preis:     € 39,88
Taschenbuch - 256 Seiten (1999)
Herder, Freibg.; ISBN: 345126885X
Versandfertig in 2 bis 3 Werktagen.
Dr. Roetzer in Austria is one of the pioneers of the Sympto-Thermal  Method and founded INER, which teaches NFP in Germany.

"Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition" by Marilyn M. Shannon
    Fourth Edition, 336 pp., 2009 (CCL Press)  $25  from the CCL Bookstore
    Dewey 612.32    ISBN 0-926412-09-4

An excellent book for self-treatment of irregular or problem cycles, PMS, PCOS, infertility, etc. Based on medical studies and successful treatments. So useful that it's now included in CCL Course Kits. This 4th edition is expanded and revised. 

Fertility Friend is a place where you can get chart interpretations and post charts on-line for others to see. Although mainly for those trying to conceive, it has a lot of good info on fertility awareness, such as this page telling you how to observe symptoms in great detail.

More software!" Fertility Monitor"    $95 from NFP Software, Inc. in Clarks Summit, PA. A DOS-based Sympto-Thermal Method interpreter. According to their data, it conforms well to CCL and LifeCycle interpretation.  Includes a mercury thermometer (which is probably illegal) and your choice of 3-1/2 or  5-1/4 inch floppy disks, which somebody somewhere still uses. 

Good News about Sex & Marriage , Answers to Your Honest Questions about Catholic Teaching

Christopher West,  Servant Publications, Ann Arbor, Michigan :  (
Available from CCL among other places, a highly regarded, easy reading book. Chris is also available for talks and seminars on the book, based on Pope JP II's Theology of the Body.  If he's in town don't miss him! The Gift Foundation has his CD's, cheap or free, and all good.  

"Above all it has an incredibly POSITIVE spin on it -- not a bunch of "don'ts" but an explanation that, if taken to heart, would yield great joy, I think." --Erin

"I was so excited when I listened to the tape, the message is positive and exciting....I feel that I have much more joy in following the Church's teaching now that I understand it more fully.  Everyone, listen to this tape and read the book!! --Dawn


Hormone Heresy: Estrogen's Deadly Truth  Interested in how hormones work, and why you should not fool with them?  The drug companies do not want you to read this long article from Nexus Magazine, which came out before the recent panic about HRT. Still, millions of women are on stronger doses of the same hormones for contraception!


Kuhar is another on-line vitamin & mineral shop, but this one caters especially to the infertile, carrying Optivite and other similar formulations for optimizing fertility and stimulating ovulation. They also have a lot of good nutrition information on-line. 

Love and Fertility, by Mercedes Wilson.
Fourth edition, 2008, paperback, About $30 from  FAF  See "Nature's Method" CD below.

About the 2nd edition, Donna in Livonia* said: " This is an excellent book to learn the foundation of "The Ovulation Method" (AKA Billings). Very good illustrations. The beginning student definitely needs to supplement this basic information with other resources (classes, other books, etc.) to apply this knowledge to her specific situation. This book is written is very simple language (even a junior high student could comprehend it, IMO)"      *( Livonia isn't  a country, it's west of Detroit)

Love One Another , John Marshall. London: Sheed & Ward, 1995, £8.95.  A British book from an early BBT pioneer which explores the psychological effects of NFP in an unbiased way (says the blurb). Sounds like a good read for the unchurched.  He was a member of the 1963 papal commission that voted for the Catholic Church to change its teaching on contraception; but, after studying the issue in depth, changed his mind.

The Missing Cornerstone: Reasons why couples choose NFP

"In a society where instant gratification and materialism are idolized, love is often misconceived as merely getting what you want when you want it.  The contraceptive mentality transfers that misconception into married love, betraying the true meaning of sexuality and poisoning the heart of the family.  In recent years, many married couples who used contraception have been waking up to this, and finding a healthy, effective alternative to responsible parenthood in Natural Family Planning. This volume gathers the testimonies of 44 such couples.  Each couple has traveled a unique path, but they have all discovered the same wonderful reality:  true joy in marriage and family life comes not from getting, but from giving, from undertaking the adventure of authentic, generous love. "

$12 from Circle Press, USA or Canada 888-881-0729  or  203-230-0729,

My Fertility Cycle is a website for tracking NFP cycles. Free. Seems to use the Ovulation Method, and makes their money on Google ads. There's a bunch of forums to discuss all things gynecological.  Here's an example.

 "Nature's Method" interactive CD-ROM on Ovulation Method, with Charting Coach software, $10 from Family of the Americas Foundation.  For Windows or Mac.

Sounds like a pretty cheap way of learning the OM, and getting charting software besides.

"The New No Pill, No-Risk Birth Control." by Nona Aguilar. NY: Rawson
 Associates, 1986. ISBN# 0-89256-299-4 and 0-89256-300-1  $17 (pbk)
  This book teaches a simple STM. Nona got interested in NFP after doing research on the marriage building effect of NFP.  She's a fascinating speaker on this topic, too. The book, well, it was new 20 years ago, but there are better ones now.

NFP Charting Online ($24 a year) is a way of keeping your Billings (OM) charts online and not having to buy baby stamps.

            Embrace-A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception Open Embrace: A Protestant Couple Rethinks Contraception by Sam and Bethany Torodes, Wm. Eerdmans Publishing. 2002, 148 pages.   When you can find it, about $15. Check out this long  excerpt which they let us have, that's really the meat of the whole book (the rest is potatoes). The book's not too long, yet packs a whole lot of good explanation of how to make a great Christian marriage. 

"The Protestant Reformers...were fierce foes of contraception. But over the last seven decades, many of their spiritual descendants succumbed to modernist sexual heresies. The Torodes chart a path back to faithfulness, trust, and the fullness of Christian love."--Allan Carlson

"....wisdom from the Bible and the Christian past to challenge conventional views on contraception. Sweetly written and solidly argued, this is a head-clearing, heart-warming read."   —J.I. Packer

Update: the Torodes since decided that NFP was too hard and went back to contraception; they converted to Eastern Orthodoxy; then they got divorced. It's complicated...

Optivite is a vitamin supplement tailored to maximizing fertility and treating PMS, luteal phase problems, and some other cycle problems (NOT all of them).  Recommended by Marilyn Shannon (read FC&N ) and other nutritional experts, and gets lots of good buzz in the infertility and NFP news/chat groups. This isn't for everyone (the formulation is different from vitamins for the average population), but for those suffering from PMS or infertility due to certain deficiencies or imbalances, it can be a big help. There are plenty of "Magic cure-all guaranteed infertility cures" on the web, but the key item is you need to learn NFP so you can see what your problems are, then read FC&N so you know what needs to be tried.

Read about it and get some from the manufacturer, Optimox.  Also, from Kuhar , CVS, Amazon,, your local discount drug store (maybe).  180's for around $20. 

Persona   Fertility tester, a gadget for measuring hormone levels and thus detecting ovulation. No other symptoms are measured. Not approved by US's FDA. In the UK, costs  £65  plus £10 a month for detector sticks. They aren't real open about how this thing really works, but they claim a 94% method effectiveness, which is a lot worse than the STM (they've been sued in the UK), but it's a no-brainer.


A Preachable Message from BOMA. Pastors! Get this book if you don't know what to say (or why) about NFP and contraception. Testimonies from 32 priests, sample homilies, a list of scripture citations over the liturgical year, lots of ideas. Flocks, get this for your shepherd, maybe you'll hear that most rare of all locutions, a sermon on improving marriage through NFP.
$9.95 from BOMA USA or CCL 


Natural Progesterone: Dr. John Lee has a good list of manufacturers.

Prophet and Priests, The Hidden Face of the Birth Control Movement by Ann Farmer,  $17 from Amazon.  The description says, "This compelling study of the origins, development and activities of the birth control movement will prove an eye-opener to those who think of it as a force for good." In case you're wondering, NFP is not contraception and is way different from the goals of the "Birth Control Movement". Also see "Margaret Sanger: Father of Modern Society" by Elasah Drogin, another eye-opener. 

"Sex and the Marriage Covenant" by John Kippley of NFP International. Second edition,  2005. Ignatius Press, $12.  
 Theology and morality in depth. GREAT depth.  A must for every serious theologian. John's been working on this for 40 years.

"Sexual Wisdom" by Richard  Wetzel, MD; Ann Arbor: Proctor Publications, 333 pages,1998  is a non-denominational chastity and ethics book that   received praise from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Mormon, and other community leaders.   It's available from One More Soul for FREE with a small shipping charge. No, really, FREE!

"Taking Charge of Your Fertility" by Toni Weschler, MPH. Quill, 2001 0060937645 , 496 pages, $23.95.

" really gives you a good understanding of  WHY a womans body does what it does. It is not judgmental or agenda based, other than promoting the methods as extremely safe and effective. There isn't much moral/sociological stuff but it does have a chapter on FAM in the age of AIDS. It is an easy read and has an appropriate level of information for the average reader.... I personally found this book to be very comprehensive and engrossing." --- Cathy C.

Toni Weschler's rules under FAM (Fertility Awareness Method) are the same as her NFP rules, except that a barrier method such as condoms or diaphram is used instead of abstaining during potentially fertile times. Obviously, this would not be as reliable as NFP, nor would it be acceptable to those who use NFP for religious reasons.

FAM is marginally better than contraceptives so it appeals to a wide range of folks to which NFP would be a total shock. A safe gift for that friend of yours who's mortally allergic to any whiff of "religion" and couldn't abide the CCL book. 

still more software!! TCOYF Fertility Software  $39.95.
You input all your observations and it does the work for you. This follows Toni Weschler's rules. We've heard from folks who have used LifeCycle's previous app and think it's helped them learn NFP faster. And some who think it's overly complicated and time-consuming to keep all your charts on a computer.  It does work, and is approved by the FDA. Runs on Windows, should work on Linux using Wine. There's also an online subscription charting service, and lots of forums.

Vitex,a herbal treatment for PMS, excessive bleeding and short luteal phases. Available at many random places, just search for Vitex.
" At NWFS, where we teach the sympto-thermal method, we've been referring some women to a natural alternative popular and well documented in Europe, it's called Vitex (from the "chaste tree") and it works at the level of the pituitary. Dr. Josef Roetzer [NFP pioneer] informed us of this approach. It works slowly,  but in many women reduced PMS, promotes a stronger luteal phase, and reduces excesses bleeding. It is available at many health food stores."  You may find it referred to as Chasteberry extract, its generic name.  It also may take 6 months or more to work, according to people we know who have used it. Available at many drug stores; a nice selection of liquid and tablets is at  Emerson Ecologics.  The pills are only 8 cents apiece and you start off with three a day, tapering down to one.

The Way Home by Mary Pride, Crossway Books, Westchester,  IL 60153 is a 1985 book on contraception, anti-feminism, and homeschooling from an Evangelical/Quiverfull point of view.  Her story is kind of interesting, especially the part where John Kippley of CCL changed her mind about NFP.

Women's Health after Abortion by Elizabeth Ring-Cassidy & Ian Gentles
 Even  the on-line bulletized summary of this book is an eye-opener.
Do you get into debates with so-called "Pro-Choice" people? Write letters to newspaper editors? If you have a friend who is convinced Planned Parenthood tells the truth, get this book. $20, CDN$25 from the Deveber Institute .

"Your Fertility Signals" by Merryl Winstein. 1995. Smooth Stone Press, P.O. Box 19875, St.
Louis MO 63144. $15. ISBN 0-9619401-0-7    (also available in German)
A short, simple to understand book on the STM; not overly thorough. Cute line drawings.


NFP Teaching Organizations

There are several different organizations of trained NFP teachers. The methods taught, depth of class material, moral principles, and teacher training may vary, so ask first. There is no USA national "accreditation" for NFP teachers, so check credentials. There are area programs (e.g., Catholic Dioceses) and many solo teachers, but these below are the larger organizations, mostly worldwide, with a few regional  programs listed later.

Individual teacher directory
NFP Only  and Pro-Life doctors
Local programs

Large Organizations

American Academy of Fertility Care Professionals  Creighton Method organization which trains teachers.

 AAPLOG (American Academy of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists) Pro-Life Ob-GYN directory

BOMA is the American branch of the Billings (Ovulation) organization. WOOMB (listed below)  is the world headquarters in Australia. To look up instructors, go here .

Couple to Couple League (CCL)
PO Box 111184
Cincinnati OH 45211
(513) 471-2000  Orders ONLY: (800) 745-8252

This is the largest US NFP organization, with over 500 CCL volunteer Teaching Couples, mostly in the USA.  The TC Finder has most of them arranged by state, country, or area code. 

Membership ($35/yr) gets you their big magazine  full of the latest biological, moral, and political info and personal views. CCL also supports mother-baby and family bonding, and pro-life, Catholic, Christian, religious, and general moral values.  Plus short pamphlets to books and videos on marriage, chastity, and family.

Creighton: see Pope Paul VI Institute below, or AAFCP above


Family of the Americas Foundation Family of the Americas
Box 1170 Dunkirk MD 20754
(800) 443-3395 or (301) 627-3346
They have NFP books in 21 languages that teach the Ovulation Method, and a nice OM effectiveness table listing a number of studies. And the nice Nature's Method CD with Charting Coach software, listed above.   

FertilityCare Centres of America has Creighton model teachers worldwide.  

 Human Life International    

 This is at heart a right to life organization, and staunchly Catholic and anti-contraception (because it leads to abortion).  Has some good morality-based pamphlets on NFP, but doesn't teach it.

The Institute for Reproductive Health of Georgetown University Medical Center has info on the Standard Days Method  and Two Day Method.  These are simplified methods mainly intended for third world countries. The SDM is based on Calendar Rhythm but requires regularity (26-32 days) and 12 days of abstinence. It's counted on beads so you don't have to have a calendar. The TDM is like the OM but cuts a day off the dryup.

Maternal Life International  teaches third-worlders NFP through a patented bead system of counting similar to the Standard Day Method. These are the actual beads, which they sent us and we scanned in. 
326 S. Jackson St.

  Butte MT   59701

Similar beads available from the Fitch Fertility Center in San Diego for $10.
6214 Rose Lake Ave.
    San Diego CA 92119  (800) 40-FITCH

Natural Family Planning International is Catholic theology based, but aims to bring the STM to the world. There are a lot of good essays on morality here, and a free,  downloadable 85 page, fairly comprehensive manual on how to practice NFP: CCL's "old" Sympto-Thermal method, with the multiple rules.

Northwest Family Services has  Sympto-Thermal Method client and educator program. Portland, OR, on-line and correspondence courses, $110 and up.


One More Soul directory of NFP teachers and NFP-only doctors, plus plenty of theological articles  

Pope Paul VI Institute
6901 Mercy Road
Omaha, NE  68106-2604    402-390-9175
This is the accrediting agent for practitioners (teachers) of the Creighton Model, a variation of the Ovulation (Billings)  method. 

Dr. Tom Hilgers, the Director, wrote a lot of good theological stuff to browse on their website. Their NaProTech system incorporates NFP into reproductive medical practice. If you have problems with your reproductive system, this is the place to go. 

Serena logo

151 Holland Ave.
Ottawa ONT K1Y0Y2   
    (613) 728-6536     (également en français: "Planification Naturelle des Naissances" )
A large NFP provider in Canada, where they have been teaching the SymptoThermal Method since the fifties. Check the phone book, or call 888-3SERENA (888-373-7362) in Canada. 


WOOMB logo
            (Billings)WOOMB   (World Organization Ovulation Method Billings) is the Australia-based worldwide HQ for the Billings Ovulation Method, probably the world's largest and oldest (1953) provider of NFP instruction.   Check out the animations of cycle variations, cervix and others. Their website navigation can be confusing, but you can learn the Billings method there.

Some Local Organizations

Try the big organizations listed above first, like CreightonSerena, Billings, CCL). If you are in the military overseas, ask your chaplain if NFP classes are given on your base. 


California Association of NFP is a consortium of all providers in the Golden State
Philadelphia NFP Network Your one-stop NFP center in the City of Brotherly Love. Has info on local teachers (your choice of methods ) and class dates. 
Phoenix NFP Center  4945 East Thomas Rd.  Phoenix, AZ 85108  (602) 381-1884
Fitch Fertility Center, San Diego CA, has some nice cycle beads for the OM (patent pending)


China   From 2000-2006 or so, some 40 thousand  Billings Method teachers have been trained in China. 
Japan   Gadgets and software for predicting fertility are pretty popular in Japan.

Catholic Family Centre (Ovulation Method)
Sarayama 4-27, Minami-ku
Fumuoka City 815


 Institut fuer Ehe und Familie
 Spiegelgasse 3/8
 A-1010 Wien (Vienna)

Germany      "Was ist NFP? Wiekann man NFP erlernen?"

Malteser Arbeitsgruppe NFP

Natürliche Familienplanung Diozese Augsburg
NFP, Kappelberg 1
86150 Augsburg
Tel. 0821/3152-282

Institute for Natural Family Planning a large German NFP organization. You can download STM charts in different formats.  They're in Celsius and German, which will confuse your kids or nosy people if they see them on the dresser. 

CCL of the United Kingdom  has a big website near Sherwood Forest, and teachers all over

Fertility Awareness & NFP Service UK 

An STM provider in the British Isles, they have a bunch of info on NFP, including titles of research, and downloadable STM charts (under "miscellaneous").


België, Vlaanderen,  Nederland NFP Europe  Informatie over natuurlijke geboorteregeling.

   There are hundreds of NFP teachers in Poland.  Call any Catholic church.

Not-So-Good Stuff

The items below are of questionable utility in practicing NFP, but people ask about them, so here they are. Some
might work OK for getting pregnant, but a lot of things can help you get pregnant. Like, time and luck.

Some have real possibilities for future NFP use, but much development work and many effectiveness studies remain to be done.

Baby Comp / Lady Comp  

Two simple to use, computerized temperature recording gadgets. However, they apparently use only the temperature sign, so it seems that long periods of abstinence in phase 1 would be required for effective pregnancy postponement. The failure rate is claimed to be 0.7%, typical of temp only NFP in Phase 3. For pregnancy achievement, the temperature just tells you that you're too late, so this would seem pointless and frustrating, although previous cycle history helps (that's Calendar Rhythm). Other problems with them are the cost:  £422 ($666) for the Lady,   £592 ($935) for the Baby.  That would buy a lot of thermometers and chart paper (or a laptop and some good NFP software).   You have to send them back in 3 years for battery replacement. 

Bioself Fertility Tester    240  ($320) . A Swiss gadget, does calendar-temperature indications of fertile times. It records a years' worth of temps, then predicts when you're fertile.  It doesn't test hormones or mucus, so it should be used with the usual symptom chart. So, why not just use a ten dollar thermometer instead?  You can download temps to your local Bioself Center (which is in Switzerland). 

Electrolyte Tester, $385  A gadget that measures the resistivity (electrical conductivity) of saliva and/or cervical mucus, which changes near ovulation. Like the other mucus-sampling gadgets, this is probably better for achieving conception than avoiding it effectively (research is continuing). Seems expensive, but it does have stainless steel probes. Then again, you could just learn to understand your cervical mucus.



OvWatch straps on your wrist and measures your perspiration electrolytes. Works similar to the OvaCue above, for high fertility indication. $140, plus $40 a month for sensor strips.

The discontinued Ova-Therm Sophia Fertility Computer saved 210 temp recordings and predicted fertility. $60; PC interface $55.   This was popular in Japan with a million sold, but not so good for avoiding pregnancy. 

Femta   is an Ogino-Knaus Calendar Rhythm application. $28; free demo works for two months. Don't expect high effectiveness from this or any Rhythm method, but they are simple. And, you need a good 6 cycles of data to use O-K Rhythm (which was developed in 1930).


Microscopes for viewing ferning patterns in saliva or cervical mucus have been sold for a number of years.  Changes in electrolytes (salts) during your cycle cause crystallization patterns in your fluids. Studies by NFP organizations and medical researchers have not shown them to be consistent enough to be used to avoid conception.  See our NFP Primer for some info on them. If you have a 35 - 100X  microscope handy, try it out to see if it works for you, but chart your other symptoms too.

    There used to be several brands but they seemed to have thinned out. They included:   Cycle Check ($70) ;  Donna Fertility Tester, $60 ;  PC-2000;  the Lady-free Biotester; OVU-TRACThe LENS  $29.95 800-723-0400 or 800-345-3371; Maybe?Mom (pictured) is $150 ;   Ovu-Tec or Ovu-Tech ($40) and Woman's Window.  About the only one left is the  Ovu-Test ($25).  Their website explains the theory pretty well.

Natural Conception Control, promoted by Dr. Eugen Jonas long ago, is mentioned in our primer. But not favorably.

 Rhythm Calendars: On the web, there are plenty of places to get an estimate of ovulation, based on your previous cycles (which are assumed to be regular).  They come and go, so instead of giving you links to them, you can go find them yourself if you desire. The free on-line   Ovulation  does as well as any of them, plus you can type in your luteal phase if you know it; and there's short descriptions of "real" NFP methods, and a downloadable .PDF chart which can be used to record all symptoms.   If you really want to try Rhythm use the Standard Days method instead. It's just as simple but much more accurate.


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