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You've read on our INFO page about how NFP is better than contraception for your body. In the long run (eternity, that is), the effect on your soul and marriage is more important. God invented sex and He wants us to use it chastely and responsibly, and stop imitating the pagans (Rom. 12:1-2). And, the effects of the sexual revolution (powered by contraception) have been significant on marriages, families and society.  We were warned, as you'll read below. And the warnings were right...

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 General moral, Non-Denominational, and miscellaneous religious stuff on the subject of NFP and contraception

Contraception and YOU

Birth Control and God's Will For Our Lives
 Larry Bush tells it like it is. Short, non-nagging, and uplifting.

The Guy Page "Gimme one good reason to do this NFP stuff." OK, here it is, fellas. No sports metaphors, just plain talk about sex and love.

Contraceptive Emotional and Personality Damage in Women. A look at true feminism and society, and what contraception has done to it. And who is this Edith Stein anyhow? 

Man to Man: Johnathan Harris looks you in the eye and tells you what NFP, love, and life is all about. Ignore the "Christian man" salutation, this is for everybody.


   Contraception and society

 Mother Theresa,   who ran an effective NFP program in India, dissed Bill and Hillary Clinton in this speech about life, love, and NFP at the National Prayer Breakfast. " We cannot solve all the problems in the world, but let us never bring in the worst problems of all, and that is to destroy love. And this is what happens when we tell people to practice contraception and abortion."

Don DeMarco's Contraception and Being A Person   is philosopy "for dummies" that has a fascinating recounting of Richard Strauss' opera, The Woman Without a Shadow , about trashing the gift of fertility.  Life Issues, which has the article, is a  pro-life site that covers more than anti-abortion with much thoughtfulness and no ranting.

 Prophecy Fulfilled   Back in 1962, one of the experts warned us about what's going to happen in the brave new world if contraception is accepted. 

First Things Contraception Symposium on the 30th anniversary of Humanae Vitae. Nine  Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish thinkers were asked if Pope Paul VI was right. Long, heavy; but good.

The Abortion Connection

Does The Pill Cause Abortions?   from Randy Alcorn Ministries. A PDF file that looks nice printed. Very thorough, scientific, and long (now 115 pages, yikes).  Sometimes people don't believe until they see tons of footnotes, so here they are.


 Contraception and Abortion by Janet Smith. Why you can't be pro-life and think contraception is OK.

The Sin of Onan  turns out to be contraception, when you think about it. (Yeah, we know what the nuns in grade school told you.) This is from the Homiletic & Pastoral Review. Pretty heavy, but should satisfy the theologians among you. Good for a sermon, too.

Other Religions

   LDS (Mormon) teaching:   " is contrary to the teaching of the Church artificially to curtail or prevent the birth of their children...." Dr. Joseph Stanford has shaken things up (again) with an article in Times and Seasons called "Are Sex and Procreation Connected?".  He also writes in First Things about Sex, Naturally.  Here's more on the LDS teaching from First Presidents, Prophets and Apostles. 

Islam and Family Planning
  They pretty much agree with us, as far as we can tell. This  is all we've been able to find so far.


The "So You Think You Know Everything About Sex" Test  in a 2 page printable format so you can pass it out in your Confirmation class, bible study, confessional or health fair. Or, try it yourself.

A Chastity Manifesto   The Couple to Couple League's 7 step plan for world domination. Planned Parenthood messed up their turn (two generations), now it's ours. 

 Theological Miscellany where we keep our short clippings, sound bites, news flashes, and flashes of inspiration.

Christian views

Contraception in the Bible

The Bible and Birth Control : two good essays from scripture. See why dozens of Protestant theologians were against it, and passed laws against it in the USA.

Holy Scripture: What Does it teach us About Contraception  Listen to a short talk by Steve Habison of the GIFT Foundation.  (RealAudio or WMA)

Contraception in the Bible quotes chapter and verse for you.  Here's a good article on the early Christians (latest date, 417AD) whose advice is still up to date.

Contemporary Christian Thoughts

"Preconceived Notions"  is a short challenge to the contraceptive ideas of our society.  An excerpt from "Open Embrace" published in Christianity Today. 

Woman to Woman: Living NFP will give the ladies much food for thought.  

The Christian View of Sex: A Time for Apologetics, Not Apologies by Dr. Janet Smith. OK, this is kinda long. But it is thorough.


Catholic stuff
We've segregated out the following Catholic sites although NFP doesn't mean "Not For Protestants".  Catholic teaching is that contraception violates natural law, which applies to everybody. So, have a look unless you have a real problem with Catholicism.

Not-too-heavy stuff, for us dummies

 NFP and the Church's Teaching   Isn't NFP just like contraception? Can't I just follow my conscience? Good sermon material here.

Why Not Contraception? by George Sim Johnson (not Janet Smith).  Best line: "Be optimistic. The readership of the New York Times is not reproducing itself."

Birth Control: Negative Consequences of the Pill and Positive Benefits of Fertility Appreciation
Fr. Phil Bloom reflects on the 25 years since he was ordained.

Pastoral Letter on Humanae Vitae    Archbishop Chaput of Denver's long but easy-to-read and thoughtful pastoral. He answers questions like "Aren't we supposed to follow our conscience?" "Is the Church obsessed with sex?" and "How can a priest preach about this to married people?"

The Theology of the Body and the Family by Fr. Richard Hogan. The shortest TOTB intro ever.

More Catholic than the Pope?   Is NFP a sin? Do we have to have as many kids as "God allows"? Should we look down our righteous noses at those who, we feel, have less than "dire straits" reasons for limiting family size? A good article, plus more, at the University Concourse.  

Early teachings, encyclicals and commentary

The Early Church  warned against the kind of stuff that went on in the Roman Empire. Kind of like what goes on today.

The Church teaching on contraception is pretty well summed up here, all two millennia of it.

Catholic Mind has  "Contraception is Creeping Death" and a bunch of other articles on NFP, marriage, population, and such.

...then it continued with the encyclical Casti Connubii (On Chaste Marriage), which  in 1930 addressed "modern" sexual abuses: abortion, contraception, eugenics, and the crazy idea that abstinence was "holier"than sex.   A short version which sums it up pretty well is here. And the whole 9 yards is here.   (The background on the Vatican site is hard to read.)

Humanae Vitae Encyclical of Pope Paul VI, and the short summary with historical background.
Hey, you've heard about it, why don't you read it?

Humanae Vitae: A Generation Later  Dr. Janet Smith discusses the results of contraception and dissent from the Church's teaching.

The Truth of Humanae Vitae by Karol Wojtyla. Name sound familiar? He went on to write the "Theology of the Body". 

Deus Caritas Est  What's the German Shepherd writing about lately? God is "passionate" about us?? Whoa.

Catechism of  the Catholic Church in case you'd like to search for "contraception"

Heavier stuff for the theologians and preachers

Catholic Mind has  "Contraception is Creeping Death" and a bunch of other articles on NFP, marriage, population, and such.

Contraception and Catholicism by Charles E. Rice. OK, you want a really long one? Here it is.

Contraception and NFP: Explaining the Difference
   Another HPR article. Have a hard time explaining this to your flock? Yourself? Patrick Norris can help. 

For medical professionals

Catholic Doctors and Contraception   Practical advice on how a GP should deal with the tough issues of conscience vs. the contracepting world

A Doctor Rejects Contraception    EWTN has this anti-abortifacient article in its pro-life collection. Hippocrates would be proud.


 One More Soul  has articles and info on everything.  But if you've gotten this far, you've probably read most of 'em.

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