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Cat HarperCat HarperBASICS

The NFP Primer   Our own FAQ. Biology basics, different NFP methods, effectiveness, infertility and achieving pregnancy, lots more. 

The CCL "Rainbow Pamphlet"     A short introduction, good for printing & passing out

How & where to learn NFP   Yes, you have to learn it for it to be effective.  (No, we can't teach you on the Web. Yet.) 

Cute little angel painting Practical Theology & Sexuality   Our BIG collection of articles and links dealing with "religious stuff" and morality.


Effectiveness of NFP   An involved piece on effectiveness for the medical professional/skeptic (and, let's face it, you are a little skeptical, too), at CCL of Great Britain. More at CCL USA's site, mostly on Sympto-Thermal Method.  Ovulation Method effectiveness:  Here's a good  article summarizing OM studies. A recent one in China showed it's just as effective as the IUD among the peasants. Best line: " .....special attention should be paid to the intellectuals and professionals.  The method seems to be too "simple" to them and they could not get hold of it without strict supervision." Like, it CAN'T be that simple.

Adventures in Abstinence     NFP requires self-control, which of course is a good virtue to learn and practice, but how do you show your love without "doing it"?  Let me count the ways..... 

" Pro-Choice" Follies   Who has been keeping the truth from you all these years, and why. (This is not an anti-abortion rant.)

Spreading the word    We're talking to you folks who are all fired up: "Wow! I wish I could share this with everybody!! How can I help?" Well, there's plenty of stuff to do at all levels. Our practical advice, FWIW.  Pass it forward.

Hot button issues   Feminism, violence? Don't go here if your blood pressure is high.

     Where to go for camaraderie, opinions, discussions, and help, from people who have been there.

Yahoo CIN-NFP Group  Probably the most active & useful group. Swap tales, ask questions, or just lurk. Everybody but flamers welcome.  

Mary Anderson's  NFP Message Board mainly Catholics, but they are harmless. Fairly active

Yahoo's other 
NFP Discussion Groups ...there's a whole bunch besides the ones we've singled out here, some for Muslims, Jews,  Billings, locals, you name it. Check the number of members and activity first cuz some are duds.  The  moderated ones have less flamers and junk. Try searching for "NFP" for more choices.

Professional  NFP Mailing List   News, research, heavy discussions, tough cases.  All the big names are here, and some schmucks like us. If you're a medical pro, NFP teacher, promoter, researcher, or clergy, you oughta sign up.   

This Lactation Amenorrhea page has 6 dozen stories and a link to the LAM mail group. If you don't know what LAM is, check it out.

Conceived by NFP: Click here for cute picture.  Click here or here for others. Send us more.


NFP resources  Our big list of books, materials, gadgets, teaching organizations, software, etc.

You can always use a a piece of graph paper, or make your own. But the printed ones make it easier.

STM Excel Spreadsheet Chart You can open it up in Excel or other spreadsheets like the free OpenOffice Calc, and e-mail them around.  You could also keep your own charts on this. The first page has complete instructions. Originally made for sharing with folks on the CIN-NFP mailing list, listed  above.

STM Charts with room for all symptoms. Excel 4 and 5 versions, plus PDF and GIF. From Fertility Plus, an infertility group 

STM Charts in Deutsch und Celsius. PDF's and GIF's. These are great if you don't want your kids or mother-in-law nosing about in your charts, ja? From Dr. Roetzer's NFP Institute in Austria. 

OM Charts in PDF. From,which is actually part of the GIFT Foundation.


Sterilization : a lot of reasons why it's a bad idea

PCOS    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: a common cause of irregularity, infertility, and all-around grief. Commonly "patched up" with birth control pills. Here's why that's wrong.

Marital Satisfaction Study  at U. North Dakota. Conclusion: NFP users are normal.

Lactation Amenorrhea and Breastfeeding    The oldest, still most widely practiced (and temporary) NFP method.  A good way to space children which transitions right into other NFP methods.  (Read our  Primer  first.)  

DepoProvera How to get off it, get back to normal, and get on NFP. And why you shouldn't go on it to begin with!

Hormone Replacement In 1996, this guy sounded like a nut case. Nobody's laughing now. Some good replacements for HRT, and a lot of in-depth explanation of what's going on inside you..

Health Files - our potpourri of short articles on hyperprolactinism, IUDs, treating infertility, breastfeeding.   


Rx List   An on-line guide to drugs where you can look up the dozens of bad side effects of chemical contraceptives and different terms used in place of "abortifacient", like "prevention of pregnancy by inhibition of implantation".


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