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  14 Apr 2007

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Past goings-on

The Couple to Couple League was founded in 1971 and now has over 1000 active teaching couples in the USA and some foreign countries. Although they are volunteers, the teachers receive professional training lasting up to a year. The Oneida County chapter, started in 1981, has held over 50 classes in Natural Family Planning. Jim and Mary Margaret Van Damme are the original Teaching Couple, certified in 1981. Carol and Dave Armitage are the Promoters for this Chapter; the Carguellos promote in the Syracuse area. Other teachers have moved in and out (the Mitchells and the Wagners). The O'Connells are taking a breather from teaching for now.  Joe and Vicky Kraeger live in Lewis County (Port Leyden) and teach mostly in Watertown and Fort Drum. We don't have Chapter meetings and such things, but we do like to hear from our students.

We don't usually give speeches to groups because our charter is teaching NFP; preaching is for ministers, teaching morality is for catechists, and gynecology is for doctors. However, we can supply you with information on these topics, especially if you talk to young adults who could soon fall into the trap of contraception. We do speak briefly to Catholic marriage preparation seminars in Utica. Remember, NFP is the next best thing to marriage insurance.


 Jim and Mary Margaret Van Damme,  Dave and Carol Armitage, Larry & Renee O'Connell, Lisa Carguello (who has her hands full) 

Past Goings-On

The 2006 NFP Party/Picnic was held at the Good News Foundation in Utica.
There weren't as many big shots as the one at the Cathedral in Syracuse.
But we had more fun. 

Sean Clive rocks the party

Here's his new CD (shameless non-solicited promotion)

Carol Armitage runs one of her silly kid games, which everybody loves. 

This one involves putting on a nose clip then tasting some wierd looking frosting and trying to guess what the flavor is.

Third Annual Syracuse Catholic Diocese NFP Day Mass and Potluck Luncheon
 to celebrate NFP Awareness week
was held July 2006, but we couldn't go and haven't talked to anybody that did.

Second Annual Syracuse Catholic Diocese NFP Day Mass and Potluck Luncheon
 to celebrate NFP Awareness week

Held Sunday July 24, 2005, at Holy Family Church, Fairmount NY   

Bishop James M. Moynihan, Celebrant

I like your hat, mister

Naked Without Shame Seminar a big success

Christopher West, author of Theology of the Body for Beginners and Good News About Sex and Marriage brought his "Naked Without Shame" talk to Holy Family Church, in Syracuse on Jan. 21-22, 2005.

Fr. Prior, pastor of Holy Family,  said this about the conference:

"There is a huge pool of young Catholic men and women who are either ignorant or apathetic to what the Gospel has to say about relationships and marriage. In my opinion, we have already lost the majority of one generation in regards to the secular influence on relationships and marriage and we are making a concerted effort not to lose another.

"Anyone in a leadership role in our community would find great benefit from listening to what Christopher West has to say. He is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker who will offer refreshing insights into vital Catholic Theology, reshaping the way Catholics think about relationships between men and women."

Our First Annual Syracuse Catholic Diocese NFP Day...
...Was held Sunday July 18, 2004 at St. Ann Church, Whitesboro, NY . Mass was followed by a potluck dinner and games for

everyone. It poured rain, but we all had a good time. Inside.

Mass Celebrant: His Excellency James Moynihan, Bishop of Syracuse, greets the Perrys

Carol Armitage, our Promoter, had games and activities for the kids.... the big people could get acquainted

There were plenty of silly games for families too.  Here's Doug Ambrose and daughter Gus.

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